Welcome To Hair Options – A new concept in a wig boutique!

Have you ever visited a wig shop where you had fun?  Where you were encouraged to ask questions, touch, feel and play?  A place where you were made to feel comfortable and told to make yourself at home when you walked through the door?

You are invited to experience a totally new concept in shopping for hair!  Whether it be a situation of necessity or convenience…we are here for you!  We have a beautiful refuge for you to come and play!

It should be a good experience, not a bad one…and we have made a commitment to make it that way!  First of all, Hair Options is the substance of answered prayers…the creation of a vision to have a place that was beautiful, creative…fun!  A place where women are free to play, giggle, and be silly…eat chocolate and drink flavored coffees while trying on different looks and styles.  No pushy sales people here and definitely not a generic “all business” situation or atmosphere!

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