To all ladies -
A word of encouragement to you -

If you are dealing with a hair situation - it could be breaking off from stress - maybe dealing with damaged, overexposed, overbleached hair, thinning hair from medications - and you are just frustrated about the whole thing, I've got good news for you.

I have a great "Plan B". If you are dealing with alopecia, chemo, radiation and, now, besides your world being turned upside-down, you're thinking "Oh, Lord, a wig!"

First, know that the Lord knows how important it is to you. He knows every number of them on your head and, rest assured, He knows your pain. After all, a womans hair is her crowning Glory! Believe it or not, some ladies do this for convenience. That's how good they look! Many real estate agents and nurses have crazy schedules and it is a great part of a quick and stylish wardrobe accessory.

Be encouraged. The wigs that are available today are not your wigs of yesterday. Wonderful new styles, colors, fibers and so lightweight compared to those from the 60's and 70's. You can look great while going through whatever your situation may be. And believe it or not, sometimes the extra hair can really make a huge difference in changing your outlook and giving you more confidence to step out and feel good about yourself.

We have a plaque in the store that says "'One shoe can change your life' Signed Cinderella". Well, believe it or not, sometimes a little extra hair can do the same thing!

Come and play!
Love, Loraine

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