In life, we face many challenges -
    Life is not easy - but everyday
        can be a special gift... a Blessing...
I choose today to get up one
        time than I fall -
    To take the lemons in my life
        and make lemonade -
I choose joy & life instead
    of misery & failure -
To count & enjoy the roses in my life
    instead of dwelling on the thorns -
Knowing ther is always good to be found -
    if we just look for it -
And the simple existence of faith -
    in our heart is a well of living water
that springs up nourishing our souls & spirits
    with joy unspeakable -
Take a deep breath - despite all things,
    the presence of God's peace is ever present -
Be still & experience it - Embrace it -
    and rest in it - If you do -
Peace & joy will be the result.
Today I choose to smile.

Lots of love!

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